The breeding program at EDF began in 2003. The program is founded on the core belief that the temperament of the mare, the mare lines and how the foals are raised is all-important when raising sport horses. The stallion is carefully selected to complement the mare. Our belief is also that sport horses are athletes first and that a dressage horse should be able to jump and a jumping horse should move beautifully -- an athlete is an athlete. The second tenet of the program is that temperament and trainability are everything; You can have all the athletic ability in the world and without rideability you have no horse. EDF's goal is to breed athletic horses of a manageable size that have the mind and ability to excel in many disciplines with amateurs or professionals. 

The first foal was born in 2005. Rhicochet EDF (Resonanz x Rhyme Royale) has distinguished herself in eventing by qualifying and competing in the East Coast Young Event Horse Championships at Fair Hill International in her 4 year old and 5 year old years.  Both years she was awarded the USEA Safe Harbour Award (an award given to the horse most likely to bring a junior or amateur safely up the levels).  In her 5 year old year she had the highest jumping score of all horses at the championships and finished 5th overall.

We utilize a variety of complimentary breeds including German and Dutch warmblood, Morgan and Irish Sport horses.  The mares pedigrees are meticulously researched and the stallions are selected to compliment the mare line strengths.